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Land Rover Defender's end of the era - what's next?

01/31/2016 13:59:05
Land Rover Defender's end of the era - what's next?
After 68 years of uninterrupted production the final Land Rover Defender left the production line bringing to an end the iconic off-roader's era.

The final Land Rover Defender rolled off the production line some days ago and in such a way 68 years of production came to an end. Increasingly stringent emission standards and safety rules were the main reasons that caused the cessation of the iconic off-roader's production.

Land Rover Defender

The final car to leave the production line was a Defender 90 Heritage Soft Top. The car will be retained by the factory for use by VIP’s and on special events. This car marks a fitting end to Land Rover’s most successful vehicle. Land Rover announced a new Heritage Restoration Programme for the Defender.

As for the engineers and the workers involved in the production of the Defender, they will move to the other side of the factory to produce the Jaguar F-Pace. The Defender will leave a huge gap in the lives of many Jaguar Land Rover employees. A new Defender used to roll off the production line every four minutes following a 56 man hour build.

last Land Rover


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